Why Aren’t You In A Cohort?

Yesterday I wrote of my love for networks. I’m also falling in love with cohorts.

Cohorts are the professional development tool du jour. Typically comprised of between eight and 12 people from a discipline or field of work, cohorts are structured around peer learning and utilize skilled facilitation. Cohort gatherings I have been part of make time for group study of a subject, review and feedback on cases and issues presented by participants, and even personal sharing. They can do whatever participants need them to do, in fact. 

Things a cohort needs to work: commitment to clearly communicated expectations for participation (for example: monthly meetings for a year; everybody presents a case; presentations are limited to 20 minutes), comfortable space for meeting, and a skilled facilitator. That’s it. 

Are you in a cohort? Better yet, are you leading one?

Why not?

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