Internet Discussion Boards. Hunh! What Are They Good For?

Are internet discussion boards worth anything? Do you learn new information by engaging with them? Does your perspective change? Do you make connections of value with people?

I lamented after a day’s worth of back-and-forth on a message board that I don’t have the energy anymore for it anymore, not for the obviously irritating stuff like name-calling and ALL CAPS, but also not even for the not-so-irritating nuanced arguments and reasoned opinions. All of it makes me tired and leaves me frustrated. What energy I have feels better spent working on projects with people. If there’s an internet discussion board for that, I’d love to know about it.

Am I being lazy? Is there good work being done in some of these threads and I’m too cranky to see it?

3 thoughts on “Internet Discussion Boards. Hunh! What Are They Good For?

  1. I think the more targeted the audience the better. I’m in a Facebook group called “Things They Didn’t Teach Us in Seminary,” and it regularly teaches me stuff – I like to think I provide good food for thought for others also. But the more open-ended it is, the more background noise there is, which allows more room for comparisons to Hitler.

  2. An internet discussion board is the same a blog, except as a blogger, you are author and moderator. You speak to and attract your own kind, so comments are less irritating, more on topic.

    As with all social media activities on the Internet, there is the silent, pulling vortex of the time-suck. It takes discipline and time to sort through what works and doesn’t work. it took me awhile to figure out the twitter noise. But I like it now.

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