If We Don’t Make Connections, They Won’t Exist

Please excuse this exercise in drawing a simple personal conclusion from a complex global development, but Brexit tells me that we, the most connected expression of humanity the globe has ever hosted, have crucial work to do to prevent us tearing away from one another.

It’s well worn by now, the observation that Globalization has lost its sheen, the gnawing awareness that human difference is a powerful motivator and won’t be overcome by Coke or Facebook. We can’t rely on structure alone to build community. We have to risk vulnerability in face-to-face encounters to bring about trusting, reciprocal relationships, friendships even.

Here’s what this means for me. I’m not doing enough if I’m only amassing Facebook friends and blog followers. I need to prioritize shared work with people who aren’t like me in real time. Lucky for me (and for you!), our era makes that easier than ever to arrange–send an email, tap out a text, even make a phone call. And yet no technology will make the human demands of that kind of work any easier, ever. I have to reach out and risk.

So, what can we work on together. I’m ready.

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