Has It Been 90 Days Already?

Meredith gave me a book back in December called The First 90 Days: Proven Strategies for Getting Up to Speed Faster and Smarterand I have made good use of it these past three months. In early February–when I started my new gig–I composed a 90 day plan and shared it with the Head of Staff. The great bulk of the plan was one-on-one meetings: with volunteers, with fellow staff, with presbytery colleagues, with parents, and with youth.

I owe the one-on-one meeting strategy to IAF-style community organizing. I’ve consumed an excess of coffee because of it, but the things I’ve learned about the people I’m working with and the talent that’s here are invaluable. I made a master list of people and just started sending out emails to set up meetings. People are gracious and accommodating.

[The population that has resisted my one-on-one meeting efforts has been the  youth. I have some work to do yet to learn how to connect with students as engaged in as many things as these students are.]

The goal of the first 90 days is to start contributing value to the organization as quickly as possible. In some situations, the value that is needed amounts to activity–start making decisions and moving pieces around. In others, careful listening and processing are more valuable than observable action. You have to determine which kind of situation you’re in before you start trying to be valuable.

Thanks for all the support and connection these past three months. YoRocko readers new and old have helped me get my feet beneath me in a slippery new venture. Here’s to the next 90 days.

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