Will Is In Chicago With A Borrrowed Phone

Blogging from a Starbucks this morning, awaiting the arrival of a youth leader for an early morning get-to-know-you. Straight from here I will hop a bus down Michigan Avenue to see the Chamber Singers from Claremont High School song in this big choral festival. Because of Will.

Will invited me by text three days ago, which is weird because I’ve known Will for five years and never once traded texts with him. He’s in 12th grade now, and he’s that rare breed of high school student without a phone. Since 8th grade, he has suffered the ribbing of his friends at the after school youth group for this. Even as he’s led a couple of four piece rock bands, crushing Frontbottoms covers–their inaugural gig was one of my proudest youth worker experiences–he hasn’t been allowed this otherwise critical piece of adolescent socialization.

Will is resilient. He’s in Chamber Singers now, and part of a national competition, but only after two failed auditions. He kept at it. Now I get to watch him sing in Chicago.

Here’s to Will and to every young person who keeps after what they want, and who invite me to be there, even with a borrowed phone.

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