My College Friend’s Oklahoma Friend’s Church Camp Friend

On Wednesday I posted about climbing Everest barefoot finding an apartment in Chicago, and by the day’s end I had a lead on a place that far surpasses anything I’ve found so far. The chain of people that produced that development goes back years and spans three states.

I have this friend from college. He made a friend from Oklahoma after college, and years after they met the three of us worked on a magazine together. My friend’s friend became my magazine friend.

Then, two years ago, my college friend and I found ourselves gelling with four other pastors as part of a professional development group. Last year that group added my magazine friend, my college friend’s Oklahoma friend.

You with me so far?

My magazine friend reads this blog. She saw Wednesday’s post. It turns out my magazine friend has a church camp friend who lives in Chicago and who, on Wednesday afternoon, shared this on Facebook, which my magazine friend promptly sent to me:

Hey Ever’body, The apartment upstairs is opening at the end of June. It’s a three bedroom with an enclosed porch and a garage. It is also in the Waters School district for any of you with kids. And just a block from the Rockwell Brown Line stop. Oh, and pets welcome (encouraged as far as Julie, The Boy, and I are concerned. If you’re interested, message me or Julie Burton Lewis, and we’ll give you further details.

I read that wasting time in the San Francisco airport and immediately replied to my magazine friend, who made a quick Messenger introduction and off we went. Within minutes I had the building owner’s email address, and before an hour was up I had arranged a phone call with him for the next morning.

We spoke. It sounds great. I’m hopeful, for the first time since this search began.

The whole thing makes me marvel at the relationships that tie us all together and the power those relationships have to make our lives better.


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