You Belong Here. You Just Don’t Know It Yet

If you’re invited to an event that feels bigger than you, where you’re the only bloke in a room of heavy hitters not in a suit and where your contribution to the goings on feels negligible, it’s not. You can still add value.

You can connect with new people. That’s good for everyone. We need more connections.

You can be curious and listen intently. It’s valuable for folks to feel heard.

You can express gratitude. The world is short on gratitude.

Those things add value right now.

But there’s a long game too, and you’ll be adding value to that in time as a result of your attendance at this shindig. This invitation is an investment in you that will pay dividends down the line, because your vision is expanding over wine and bacon-wrapped dates–your understanding of the work your people are doing; your imagination about the work you might do; your appreciation for the impact these kinds of investments have had on the heavy hitters, too.

You belong here. You just don’t know it yet.


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