Collaboration Is Leadership

Collaboration is leadership. That feels important to assert.

The chair of a search committee once told me that my candidacy suffered for a lack of leadership experience. “You talk a lot about how you’ve collaborated on things,” He said,  “But not enough about how you’ve actually led.” I took that to heart and carried it around for years. Yet I kept defaulting to collaboration, feeling slightly guilty, like I was choosing to binge-watch Netflix instead of read a book.

I’m over that. Water seeks its own level, and I seek collaboration in most of my work. Reaching out, connecting, and inviting feel like very important leadership skills in our era, and so I’m done apologizing for them.




5 thoughts on “Collaboration Is Leadership

  1. Sounds like that search committee was stuck in a generational rut. If we truly believe in the priesthood of all believers then collaboration and partnering is the only way to lead. Silos and dictatorships are old school and lead to miscommunication and territorialism. Wasted efforts. Share the gifts. Its more holistic.

  2. I agree with the “generational rut” comment. History tells us that consent (as opposed to force) is the more dynamic way to lead and collaboration can be at the heart of consent. Have a good idea? Buy-in from others is key! Collaboration is something teachers are charged with helping students develop as 21st century citizens. Rocky, you are ahead of your time and your instincts serve you well. Your blog is a blessing to me.

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