I Want To Join A Traveling Band of Game Masters

I’m at the NEXT Church national gathering this week.

I went to a workshop yesterday on “Game Theory for Church Leaders” led by Ken Evers Hood (read his terrific blog here). It was interesting. It was fun–ever played Massively Multi-Player Thumb War? It was even a little controversial.

Here’s my main takeaway: gathering people together for shared mediated experiences is, like, the main thing church leaders do. Worship; committee meetings; community events; service projects; children’s lessons; youth group–church leaders’ main trade is getting people together and structuring what happens when they get there.

A tool belt full of games is a must. Not just teenager games like Sardines or Scatterball or Grog, but also group exercises with structured reflection for adults. Those are no less games. Church leaders are practitioners of games, because games are a vehicle for telling a story and experiencing transformation.

I find myself wanting to be part of a game-leading guild, to start a cohort of leaders who practice and perfect a repertoire of games. Who wants to do that with me?