Don’t Trash Your Organizer

I’m a fan of the Bullet Journal. I’ve filled four Moleskines over the past three years with boxes, dots, and checkmarks on my way to getting more done than I was without it. It’s a useful planning system and a nice tool for looking back over what you’ve done. As much as any system, analog or digital, that I’ve used over the past decade to plan well so as to get important work done, this has worked.

But I’ve hardly picked it up for two weeks.

I’ve learned that, no matter the system, organizing for work takes emotional energy, and sometimes you just don’t have it.

Don’t panic. It will come back. And when it does, you’ll be glad for a tool you already know how to use. Just turn to the next page and start again.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Trash Your Organizer

  1. Emotions can be energy drainers too, and planning wiothout being in place to do all of it is a worry, but a new environment will bring that all back, and then some. Thanks for posting the organizer link. I am always curious about how people organize themselves.

  2. I’m a recent convert to the bullet journal system and it’s made me so much more productive. I have to remind myself to look at it at the weekend because I’m not in work mode but I’ve found it so useful in my endless quest for organisation!

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