This Won’t Last (Another Baseball Post)

I’m gaga over baseball at the minute because my Kansas City Royals are two games away from winning the World Series. These days it is my favorite activity to read sports writers and listen to sports radio personalities marvel at KC’s unique contact-based attack. They don’t strike out. They don’t hit many balls in the air. They’re relentless in a way baseball hasn’t seen in a long time.

It’s a lot of fun to watch.

The Royals have found a winning formula, but those don’t last forever. The losers’ column is littered with yesterday’s winning formulas. Swinging at everything is working now, but next year? The year after that?

In our work, we may find a formula for success for a time, but it seems like we can’t expect those to last forever, or even for very long. There are so many other contextual factors that are making your youth group or food pantry ministry work right now that are not under our control and that may yet change.

So maybe the real skill we need to develop is the ability to read the signs and to know when our formula needs to change.


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