Get Thee to Starbucks

There’s a Starbucks between my daughter’s school and my church, and this week I decided to spend an hour there each morning writing my blog posts and doing some reading before proceeding to the office. Today I’m at another Starbucks waiting for my car to be serviced down the street.

Five consecutive mornings at Starbucks produced four really great conversations with people from the church who just happened to be there at the same time.

I know it’s a corporate behemoth. I know the coffee isn’t great. But for a network of spaces in North America where people spend time in a conversational frame of mind, can Starbucks be beat?

How is Starbucks not a net asset for people working to build community?
The 25 year old me would cringe to hear it, but Starbucks is an important community gathering space that people in ministry avoid and scorn at a loss to the people who are already there.


3 thoughts on “Get Thee to Starbucks

  1. Jim Kitchens says:

    I had a similar experience at Peets when I was in Davis. People who would never dream of calling the church office and asking for an appointment would approach me at Peets and ask, “Do you have a minute I could talk with you?” Lots of significant pastoral issues got raised over those cups of coffee.

    • Absolutely Jim. The funny thing is that I bumped in to the same person on consecutive days in different Starbucks. The first conversation was rushed. The second was longer and more substantive.

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