“I’m Just Putting This Out There”

The more I hear myself say that, the less I know I’m owning my ideas. Like most verb clauses prefaced by “just,” this one wants to do something without seeming to want to too strongly (my last favorite such clause is, “I’m Just Saying“).

Sometimes I’m so afraid of being perceived as pushy that I’ll soft pedal an idea I care about. “I’m just putting this out there” allows me to share the idea, but it shifts the responsibility for caring about it to some other person or group. And if my lukewarm presentation fails to win any support, well, that’s on them. I tried.

No I didn’t.

Nothing is more likely to make me care about something than seeing that you do. Don’t just put something out there for it to die for lack of nurture. Present it with care, and guide it into my consciousness so I can see it the way you do.


4 thoughts on ““I’m Just Putting This Out There”

  1. A mid-west acquaintance looked at me once and said, in agreement, “I’m picking up what your are putting down.” I loved the expression, so edifying and so fun.

    If I really want to be heard, I’ll extend a polite invitation by saying: “Are you picking up what I am putting down?” it’s a more active variation of “Just saying.”

    Your post reminded me, and added a layer of understanding as to why I like the phrase. Just saying, I’m putting the idea out there, maybe you’ll pick it up?

  2. Donna Supinger says:

    How firm you are depends on your audience and where you want to go. If your too firm people will either agree or blow you off. If it’s the kids and you want their input I usually say, “I think this is so but what do you think.” If it’s professionals I never soft pedal. “This is my conclusion based on my experiences so this is what I’d like (want) to see happen.”

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