Learn This from Genesis (No, Not That Genesis)

When a partner in creative work asks you to take a back seat or to keep your exciting idea in your pocket or to shelve the thing you’ve made for the sake of the project’s larger, longer-term aims, you can either say “No” and press ahead at the risk of your partnership or say “Yes” and burn with resentment.

Or . . .

You can say both.

You can say, “Yes” to your partners’ request for restraint and “No” to shelving your thing, as long as it’s clear that your thing is yours and yours alone, and as long as you’re confident that your partners and the project you’re building together won’t be tarnished if your thing goes down in flames.

Let’s collaborate, yes. But let’s also leave each other some space to do work we care about independently. Remember, Genesis made records in-between the solo projects of Tony BanksMike Rutherford and Phil Collins, and over its history utilized 11 different musicians.


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