The Wheels on The Bus

11 teams of five fanned out across the Mile High City yesterday on foot, bus, and train to pull weeds, play with children, clean sheds, serve food, and set to work on just about anything else they were asked to do.

One day down. Three to go.

The public transit piece of this experience has already proved very significant to our learning. I sat on a west Denver bus yesterday afternoon with four youth from Southern California who had never ridden public transit. One student is certain that nobody back home where he lives takes the bus. I live there. I ride the bus.

Riders piled on as the bus made its way downtown. A man boarded with a woman in a wheelchair and two small children and sat next to one of our youth. He then began to curse without ceasing. The youth sat frozen.

A woman shouted updates about her sobriety and her upcoming court date into her phone for the whole bus to hear. Our youth looked straight ahead.

A car cut off our bus, and our driver honked and honked and honked in retribution. At the next stoplight, she swore at the driver. Youth’s mouths open.

Wherever you live, you should get on the bus and see who’s there and what you might learn.


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