You Have A Name

I had a conversation with someone recently in which the person addressed me by name repeatedly. Every time he did it, I snapped to attention. I even started to feel self-conscious.

I was being called by name, and it changed the nature of our conversation. It changed me–from some vague entity on the other end of a chat line into a human being with a name.

Try this in your conversations today. At least once in every conversation, address the person you’re speaking to by name. See what it does for them.

I bet it will be good.

(h/t to Ashley Goff and God of The Sparrow)


7 thoughts on “You Have A Name

  1. Tone and context when they say your name is important too. My favorite is when people evoke my name in a sentence like this: “Jesus Jude, blah, blah blah…” it used to really bother me that I was apparently such an irritating person to so very many people, but now I rather enjoy being paired up with Jesus.

  2. I read to much because I cannot recall the author of a column on this subject. He advised that using someone’s name, especially a stranger in a service setting, makes them human and provides dignity to people we usually encounter as anonymous and interchangeable. I have worked hard in the past year or so to call each food service worker, retail clerk or phone center person I speak to by their name, particularly near the end of the conversation. It takes most of them by surprise and I feel better.

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