Routine vs. Project

Beyond weekly Lord’s Day worship, can anything in congregational life be a routine anymore? Weekly Bible studies, the annual retreat, even monthly session meetings–all of the routine activities that made up congregational life in North America for generations feel like they have run out of gas.

Come to think of it, worship repeated in a routine way week after week isn’t exactly speeding along.

Is it time to start thinking of everything people in a church might do together as a project, something that aims to address a particular body of learning or a specific need in the community and that has a clear end date and that engages a defined community of people who are interested in it? Has the chapter ended wherein the world needed from the church a habitual way of routine life together, and are we in a time in which the world now needs a church whose life is marked by direct, effective projects that address concrete problems?

Here’s the trippy thing, though: social isolation is a major problem, and I don’t see how that gets better without some routines of people connecting with one another to build positive, trusting, reciprocal relationships.

So how do you make relationship building a project?


2 thoughts on “Routine vs. Project

  1. this is a lot about control. If you define it as a project with an end and a desired outcome, they you are in control.

    If you routinely practice prayer and love and worship, without an end or outcome in mind, then the onus of production is removed from your shoulders.

    What more is possible in these practices?

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