Most Important or Meh?

Is your church one important thing in its peoples’ lives, or is it the most important?

Which does it want to be?

I long ago quit fighting with Little League for church folks’ time, believing that time spent building up kids through team sports is a valuable expression of a Christian’s vocation to work for a better world. After all, what’s to say the church shouldn’t find ways to join folks in their Little League work?

Is that a Faustian bargain, though? Once we have elevated the value of practically every non-church commitment in our peoples’ lives, what unique value remains for the church ones? We don’t give trophies.

There’s a huge difference in how you plan and recruit for, say, a youth retreat, when you truly believe it is the most valuable way that a 10th grader could spend their weekend versus when you only think it’s one worthwhile thing they could be doing among many options, including, for example, a debate tournament.

Are we arguing for our church’s mission and worship as the most important thing on peoples’ schedules? If not, is it really because of an enlightened view of the plurality of commitments for modern people, or is it because we’re not sure it really is all that important?