Monday Morning Quarterback

The community gathered for worship on this Lord’s Day is unique. In all likelihood, this community will not gather again with exactly this composition ever again. Today’s worship is an event that will not be repeated. Even as it sings God’s praises in communion with worship of God in every time and place, it remains isolated to this time and these place, and, critically, these particular people.

So when a worshiper shares with you that something you did made her “upset to be here,” you’d better listen. You can’t please everybody, yada yada yada, I know. And “upset” is a fine feeling to steer people toward in worship. But if something incidental to your preparation to lead worship upsets someone, then this unique, time-bound experience has been diminished.

So fix it.

Thank her for the courage it must take to confront a worship leader with a criticism, put it in your pocket, and resolve to prepare better next Sunday.

Either upset people on purpose or not at all.


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