Stepping Up To The Plate Ain’t What It Was

I heard a plea for leaders to “step up to the plate,” and I thought, “Do we even know what that involves anymore?”

Stepping up to the plate–i.e., taking leadership–used to mean a certain set of commitments and skills, like writing an op-ed for the local paper and getting people to sign up and attracting a crowd. But are those the expressions of leadership that a post-Christendom connection economy demands?

The rules of engaging the world as leaders who wish to make an impact have changed. More is not longer better. The righteousness of your cause can’t be equated with your eloquence in talking about it. Nobody wants your committee.

The rules have changed. Literally, in baseball, the rules for stepping to the plate have changed this season. In a time-saving move, hitters are no longer allowed to wander around outside the batters box between pitches adjusting their batting gloves and hammering at their spikes with their bat. They have to keep one foot in the batter’s box.

Hitters like Adrian Beltre (seen in the video below) are struggling to adjust to what stepping to the plate now requires.

If we’re not sure what stepping to the plate now means for us and the impact we want to have, how are we going to find out?

One thought on “Stepping Up To The Plate Ain’t What It Was

  1. Well, you brought it up. What do *you* want Rocky? Do you want to write an op-ed piece? Do you want to draw a crows? Or do you want to minister pastorally?

    Does it take critical mass to ‘count’? How many hits does your website/movement need to be worth it?

    Is random acts of kindness worthy of our time? Or is that too easy?

    I think you are right. “Step up to the plate” is a ridiculous statement. Perhaps even more so to a person like you who enjoys baseball.

    A plate doesn’t have to be anywhere nearby to be in the game. throwing and catching a ball, doing all the things that the game consists of is being in the game.

    and that’s another point! Very few people on the team are at the plate. That is NOT the only thing that counts. A lot of the game consists of standing around SEEMINGLY doing nothing.

    Pentacost is coming. There was quite a bit of doing nothing before the flame landed.

    Faugh. I say faugh to the “step up to the plate” guy. The plate steps with you.

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