Return The Shopping Cart

Simply returning the shopping cart creates possibilities for connection that are closed off if you ditch it on an island before slinking into the driver’s seat and pulling away. It’s the simplest of decisions, and, like most simple decisions, it can change your whole day.

On my last trip to the local grocer the parking lot was crammed and the closest available spot was in an adjacent lot. I grumbled all the way into the store, and I grumbled all the way back out again, pushing my cart past a store employee who was returning a train of them left in that adjacent lot. Mostly due to guilt–If I don’t return this thing that poor guy is going to have to come and get it–I closed the trunk and made the long trip back to the front of the store–the store that has no cart corral in its parking lot.

A dear soul from the church was standing in the exit. She beamed to see me.

“How are you?” I asked with that casual-yet-pastoral tone we use when we see church folk in town. She only smiled and said, “I love you” before striding away whistling.

Changed my whole day.

Seriously, always return the shopping cart.


2 thoughts on “Return The Shopping Cart

  1. Reblogged this on J K C o n i b e a r and commented:
    One of my favorite kind of stories. The everyday “I have been there too” tale. This one is short and ends with a humorous twist. The reader leaves with an “aha” understanding of how to make life sweet and inspirational. It reminds me that what happens to us is unimportant–correction, the experience may become a great story (and I am a believer in sharing stories) but it is how we react to things in life that is golden.

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