Monday Morning Quarterback Easter Edition

Stuff I learned on Sunday

The pageantry of Easter is for everyone who is there, including those who are only there on Easter. The brass ensemble and “Hallelujah” chorus are not especially tuned for worshipers who also were there on Palm Sunday and the 17th Sunday of Ordinary Time.

Worship leaders experience a mixture of excitement and sadness on Easter and Christmas Eve, because we know that this energy will not be back next Sunday. But shouldn’t we take a more wholistic view of our church’s worship and ministry? Over the course of a year, over the course of several years, countless people encounter God in our worship services in ways we don’t control, and that many of those peoples’ experience is limited to one or two special Sundays during the year does not diminish its impact on their life, I don’t think.

The presence of the risen Christ seems palpable on Easter Sunday. Joy bursts through the doors. That is an unqualified gift for all who assemble, but next Sunday, when the kids in smart dress are playing soccer again, Christ will still be present, in the sanctuary as well as the soccer field.

Hallelujah. Amen.

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