Speaking Your Mind Isn’t Enough

Voting should be a bare minimum expectation these days, not just in elections but also at home and at work and in church; there’s no excuse not to participate in the decision making that is all of our shared responsibility.

But neither is there an excuse to only vote. Take a side, yes, but make a case. Deliver a speech. Convince us.

Better yet, propose something. Because we really need ideas, specific suggestions for moving forward and solving problems, not indignant condemnations of what’s already on the table.

Best of all, put yourself in the solution, so that we can all see what you’re willing to risk in order to be right. We’re more likely to support you–join you, even!–if we can imagine ourselves helping you.

Vote. Advocate. Propose. Risk.

Let’s lead like that.


One thought on “Speaking Your Mind Isn’t Enough

  1. I agree with this at first. And then I think…I have a lot of ideas.I contribute. But then where’s the launch? if everyone is talktalktalking about their ideas it’s hard to congeal around a direction that could be taken…

    it’s a good start though

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