Monday Morning Quarterback

Stuff I learned on Sunday

The plea for help doesn’t wait until you’re not doing anything else before presenting itself. Christ’s call to feed the hungry and clothe the naked comes while we’re fighting a paper jam in the copier.

Our ability to show compassion can’t depend upon being mentally ready and free of distraction, because 1) when are we ever really free of distraction? And 2) the world’s needs aren’t on hold when we’re busy.

The hour before worship on Sunday morning is one of the most distracted and preoccupied for pastors, and yet that is precisely the hour when a congregant needs to tell you about their medical tests and a couple of strangers arrive to ask for gas money to get to the hospital. The sermon isn’t finished, the Sunday school presenter can’t figure out the dvd player, and yet high school youth are arriving the morning after learning that one of their classmates committed suicide.

The dvd player is much easier to fix than adolescent grief. The temptation is strong indeed to throw oneself into it.

But if we’re not ready to love our neighbor in these harried moments, then I don’t think we’ll be ready in the calm ones either.