Get Good Fast

We have a responsibility to listen to you all the way to the end of what you’re saying. And so you should make that as easy as possible for us.

Not I-agree-with-everything-you’re-saying easy or there’s-nothing-challenging-about-your-ideas easy, still less making-easy-appeals-to-my-emotions easy, but interesting easy, engaging easy, you-have-put-your-life-into-this easy.

Put the good stuff at the beginning. Don’t make us sit through minutes of prolegomenon setting up some big reveal; that narrative arc doesn’t work anymore. Get good fast and stay good.

Avoid detours. They’re distracting for us and dangerous for you. There are slightly off-color remarks that way, and many the undisciplined speaker have tripped on them. Stay on target.

Make us care right away.


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