Monday Morning Quarterback

Monday Morning Quarterback

Stuff I learned on Sunday

Hannah Montana was all about Total Depravity.

Near the end of our confirmation discussion of sin, I hit my mixed group of 9th graders and adults with Kim Fabricius:

There is no privileged no-go area that sin does not crash, and no human act that is altogether uncompromised by self interest.

I dropped the Confession of 1967 on ’em:

All human virtue, when seen in the light of God’s love in Jesus Christ, is found to be infected by self-interest and hostility.

I even pulled in Paul:

I can will what is right, but I cannot do it. For I do not do the good I want, but the evil I do not want is what I do.

That’s when one of the 9th graders pulled out her phone, and before I knew what was happening she was quoting Miley:

Nobody’s perfect/I gotta work it/again and again til’ I get it right/Nobody’s perfect/You live and you learn it/And if I mess it up sometimes/Nobody’s perfect.

Then she dropped her mic and walked out.

You could quibble that “nobody’s perfect” is not the same thing as “everything everybody does–even the best things–is imperfect.” But you’d kind of be a tool if you did that.

So we pulled up the video and watched it as our benediction.


2 thoughts on “Monday Morning Quarterback

  1. i like how she said it was a favorite song from her “youth”

    i bit my tongue.

    but we agreed that kim fabricious is a rapper nsme. and that sgeshould have a son ad name him lucius fabrucious

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