Who’s Afraid of Nextdoor.com?

Yesterday I spent an hour on the phone with someone who is working on two interesting things. She is hosting a gathering in her home every other week where people who don’t go to church–including children– share a meal and a simple liturgy.

She is also moderating the nextdoor.com page for her neighborhood, a page she created. She found that tool, noticed nobody else had organized her neighborhood, and set it up herself. Then she sent postcards to all her neighbors inviting them to a wine and cheese party in her front yard. Then she walked around her neighborhood inviting people face-to-face.

I had two reactions I she described these projects. First, I could totally organize my neighborhood on nextdoor.com. Second, there’s no way I’m doing that.

Fear is so close at hand. What if my neighbors don’ like me? What right do I have to take on a role like that? People will surely find this meddlesome. Fear, fear, fear.

Steven Pressfield says that fear is the best indicator that some work is worth doing.

One more thing. Look at nextdoor.com and tell me why it wouldn’t make sense for someone in your congregation to create the page for the church’s neighborhood and set about building connections with the neighbors that way.