Curious Church

I wonder if curiosity isn’t the muscle churches, church bodies, and their leaders need to strengthen more than any other these days. Not conviction. Not Daring. Not Caution.


Curious churches want to find out what’s going on in the lives of their worshipers and in the community where they live and work. Curiosity drives them to listen and take note first, interpret and strategize later. And then, of course, interpret and share.

Curious church bodies like presbyteries investigate issues affecting their region and challenges facing their leaders. As investigation, this work is ongoing. If its driven by curiosity, it’s energizing in itself, but it also creates energy for advocacy, service, and more learning.

Curious leaders try out new skills and new sources of inspiration (like this new podcast). They want to find out what’s happening in the culture as much as in the neighborhood as much as their friends’ schools and workplaces. All of this will issue in work, but the first work is to seek out and to scratch the surface.

What are you curious about?


One thought on “Curious Church

  1. carolynkingshill says:

    Heh, I always knew we were “brothers and sisters in skin”!!!! Of course,
    curiosity has to be one element in anyone’s mind, especially when reading
    some e-mails that get sent out!!!

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