Tell Me A Story

Laura started the first Harry Potter book two nights ago and begged me not to stop reading. Against my better judgment I yielded, and again last night it was the same; we’ve plowed through 75 pages in two sessions, and she’s pleading–“Pleasepleaseplease!”–with me to read on. One more chapter. Five more minutes. I relish the role of storyteller. She will be sleepy in the morning.

Do we tell our stories so that eager listeners press us to continue? Is this how we tell the gospel stories?

I think it’s more about loving the role of storyteller than it is any particular technique. My friend Angel eats up this up more than anyone I know. A couple years ago he did a YouTube video where he read Happy Potter–just read the book on camera, with all these surprising voices and everything (listen below). He was responsible for one of the readings in our Christmas Eve service, and beforehand he asked me, “How do you want me to read this?”

Most of us don’t consider there’s more than one way to tell the story. The storyteller knows there are as many ways as she wants there to be.


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