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Stump: The Manger by Rocky Harvey

Stump is a blogging project of Claremont Presbyterian Church.

The first year Amanda’s mother brought out the manger scene at Christmas, she explained to Amanda the names of each figure in the antique set which had been handed down from her family.  She let Amanda hold each one carefully and repeat its name.

Little Amanda loved the animals. Each day Amanda and her mother carefully played with the animals  when the manger scene was brought down from the book shelf to Amanda’s level on the floor. Then the scene went back to the top book shelf. But there was one animal that didn’t have to go back. It was the cow. This cow was actually a cheap replacement for the original cow which had been lost. We named her ‘Holy Cow’. She remains part of Amanda’s animal collection all year but gets put back in the manger scene each Christmas.

Amanda had paid attention to more than just the animals. When Amanda’s great aunt came to visit after a hip replacement she was using a cane. Little Amanda walked over to Aunt Nancy’s chair, picked up the cane, stood it next to herself and said, “This is my shepherd’s staff.” We still refer to the cane as the shepherd’s staff.

Rocky Harvey is a grandmother who recently moved to Claremont to live near her two young granddaughters.


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