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Stump: The Gate of The Temple by Alejandro Salas

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In this time of advent there are only two things that we have to think about. First, try to control ourselves with sweets, because, man, the struggle is real! Don’t eat to many cookies. Second, God will forgive you if you walk beside him in this time of preparation.

So I am going to talk about the Advent, which is the time for preparation for the coming of Jesus Christ. He is, as everybody knows, the messiah, the one who will lead us to salvation. And as the song says: “Oh happy day! When Jesus washed all my sins away!” And I ask: What is this belief that we have? It is a promise! It is the faith that we have in the Old Testament promise that the messiah will come to save us. This is the search and the preparation for that happy day. That is advent.

For this Blog Post my pastor asked me to read 1 Kings 8:22-53 and try to relate it to Advent. I read it and said: Impossible. In this passage of the Bible, King Solomon (I’m totally paraphrasing) says; “Lord, here I am at the gate of the temple praising you and asking you to keep the promise that you gave to Moses and my father, king David. If the leader of the Israelites and the people themselves walk beside you, if they act according to you my Lord, you will actually help them”. Then from verses 33 to 53 Solomon states all those different circumstances where the Israelites are able to come back from sin and be forgiven.

I honestly struggle to relate this topic to Advent. I mean if you look at it in the angle of King Solomon the wise, he is wise indeed! I mean, who would know straight up all those circumstances of forgiveness out of the blue! in one prayer! Outside of the temple! Respect.

We all need to be wise from time to time, knowing what to ask for, what to pray for. Even my grandmother has to decide which rosary we are going to pray on Christmas Eve. She always relates it to something that is happening in the family right now, and it actually helps us. You need to be wise for that, and you need to prepare to do that. There is Advent, so, BOOM! I did relate it to advent!

But how do you relate the gate of the temple to Advent?  What does the gate mean? For me, the gate is a promise. When you pray, you pray with your heart open, talking about wishes and desire and asking for something for you or for someone you love, saying thank you God beforehand for everything you give me every day. The gate is a promise.

Advent is a promise! because WE all are the people of God and if we do it correctly God will help our cause. And maybe even if we don’t. Merry Christmas.

Alejandro Salas is a member of Claremont Presbyterian Church and currently enrolled at Citrus College in Azusa, California. He is the Original Mexican.


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