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Stump: The Cup by Henrick Kohnen

Stump is a blogging project of Claremont Presbyterian Church

Reconciliation is a theme in the Bible and also in everyday life. The definition of reconciliation is the restoration of friendly relations. Reconciliation happens in many ways. Friendly relations can be restored with incentive, time, faith, and even through confrontation. All of which require persistence in order to achieve something greater, companionship.

The story of Joseph is in Genesis chapter 37-50. It is like a fairy tale where a father has many sons, of which he favors a son called Joseph the most. Naturally, his brothers get jealous and sell their brother as a slave to the Egyptians where Joseph advances through the ranks until he becomes the ruler of Egypt. One day, Joseph has a vision that instructs him to save and stockpile grain for future bad harvests. Years later, a famine spreads but Egypt is prepared. 

The tale resumes when Joseph’s older brothers travel to Egypt to buy grain. His family does not recognize Joseph at first and Joseph reveals his identity to his own family. Joseph could be petty but offers the family that spurned him a large feast and invites them into his palace. Joseph then sends his brothers to fetch their father and bring him back to his kingdom. However, crafty Joseph plants a chalice in one of his brother’s bags. Accused of stealing, Joseph holds the youngest brother hostage, ensuring that his family would return. This action could provoke more family drama and cause more distress and feuds. Wars have started over less. However, the brothers return with their family and they live happily ever after.

The moral of the story is that holding a brother captive to restore his family could have monumentally bad consequences. The Cup of Reconciliation could just as easily be the Cup of Estrangement. The reason it is not is because the cup becomes a tool to reunite, to have conversations, and finally, with persistence, the family overcomes their awkward past.

Henrick Kohnen is a Sophomore at Claremont High and a member of Claremont Presbyterian Church. His latest English assignment is to follow a blog and when his mother discovered this, he was assigned the additional task of writing a post for the Stump blog. When not doing homework, Henrick eats enormous quantities of Skittles.


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