Stump: The Sun by Judith Abbott

Stump Is An Advent Blogging Project of Claremont Presbyterian Church

The sun is close to me.  It brings me warmth.  It brings me light.  It divides my day by its varying presence.  I was taught to alter my gaze, there was danger in direct contact.  My understanding of the sun deepened, layers of knowledge built up through the years.  The sun took its place in an expanding universe.  I looked beyond the sun and saw recurring patterns.  Patterns that gave hint of all creation.  The sun, so close to me, my first step to all possibilities.

Judith Abbott lives in Alta Loma, California with her husband, Tony.  They have a daughter, son and granddaughter. They enjoy traveling.  When home they can be found at Judy Kohnen’s prompt writing group at Buddhamouse, Claremont every Friday.