Compound Problems. Compound Advantages.

Because my meeting ran over time, I was a few minutes late getting my daughter to school and en route to her play rehearsal.

Because I was late getting my daughter to play rehearsal, I didn’t notice that her pants were wet until we were on the way.

Because her pants were wet, we needed to run home and get her changed.

Because we were going home and not to the theater, I was on Foothill Boulevard west of Dartmouth.

Because we were going home, I also decided to get the right shoes for her costume.

Because I decided to get the right shoes, I texted my wife (while driving–although via voice) for their location.

Because I was texting my wife, I wasn’t paying 100% of my attention to the road.

Because I wasn’t paying 100% attention to the road, I hit something.

Because I hit something, my tire started to make a funny noise.

Because my tire started making that woop-woop-woop noise, I checked it whilst my daughter was changing.

Because I checked it, I found a screw head protruding and heard the tell-tail hissing sound of a tire soon to be flat.

But . . .

Because it’s a high quality tire it wasn’t flat yet.

Because it wasn’t flat yet I had time to run my daughter to play practice before attending to it.

Because I have adequate credit, I am able to own a cell phone.

And because I own a smartphone, I could say “call Foothill 66 Automotive” into the phone while driving to the theater and be connected within seconds to the garage.

Because I got connected to the garage I was able to plead with a mechanic to wait 15 minutes before closing so he could fix my tire.

Because I have a bank account and debit card, I was able to pay the required cost of patching a punctured tire.

Because I was able to pay, the tire was repaired before the shop closed.

Because the tire was repaired, I was able to return home before 5:00.

Because I returned home in time, I was able to cook dinner before my wife got home.

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