Change The Leader

If we are working for transformation in the church, then we leaders must subject ourselves to transformation. We must continually die to those things in ourselves and our leadership roles that we cherish as God raises up something new in their place, first in us and then in the church we seek to lead.

This is impossible for us, but with God all things are possible.

The alternative is to recline into titles and programs and maxims in the vain hope of gradual improvement or a lucky break.

I’m increasingly aware that my competencies and knowledge sets don’t merely need expanded but torn down and rebuilt. I need to be born again.


6 thoughts on “Change The Leader

  1. carolynkingshill says:

    Actually I think both you and Karen are doing many things differently since you two have been at the
    NEXT conferences. I say “keep up the good work”.
    That guy who spoke last night at the meeting mentioned many things along this line which I think
    the two of you are already doing.

  2. I’ve been thinking this as I start to consider what my sabbatical might be. It’s not for another 4 years, but I want to be really careful and intentional with it, and I’ve heard some people describe a sabbatical in a similar sense before – a time to rebuild yourself into something new. I don’t know what that is though.

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