Monday Morning Quarterback

Monday Morning Quarterback

Stuff I learned on Sunday

The coffee that is your sermon-writing friend late Saturday night is your can’t-get-to-sleep enemy early Sunday morning.

The pink tie on the back of the tie rack is there for days like this.

Arriving at the church early to practice the sermon in an empty sanctuary is futile if the custodian is there. He arrives early to tell share a 15 minute story with the first person he sees.

Adult education classes taught by trustworthy, intelligent people on complicated issues on faith and life: this is my normal.

Three high school students with donuts, chocolate milk, and The Lord’s Prayer is church, Church.

The new fourth grade acolyte is fearless.

The experimental worship leading internship with that college student is going to work out juuuuust fine.

A sermon that employs the noun “breach” in the title has a limited bank of synonyms on which to draw. Hole? Crack? Fissure?

Employing the lyrics of a Jackson Browne song for the Prayers of The People is the kind of thing you can get away with once. Make it count.

When your spouse proposes meeting up at “The Mexican restaurant” for lunch, better clarify which one so that you don’t go to one and she another.

Daughter’s growing interest in drawing is accompanied by a growing insistence on narrating the content of each picture.

The “Secret Country” Daughter has been talking about for months is bisected by a river and contains a district called “Vixen.” She’s mapped it. I’ve seen it.

The restraint it took to leave the Royals out of the sermon will be rewarded by a Sunday afternoon group email from congregants suggesting ways it could have been accomplished (winner=”The Royal Priesthood”).

There’s a way to preserve a Jack-O-Lantern. 

Four gallons of Jack-O-Lantern solution in a five gallon stock pot+one pumpkin=a wet countertop.

Text from Youth Group Leader that there are no junior high students at youth group makes me think more about this blog post. 

Sunday afternoons spent folding laundry are a gift from God.

Daughter and Wife are waaaaay into Little House on The Prairie, Daughter for the character who shares her name and Wife for a shirtless Michael Landon.

Stuart Little on audiobook is a valuable weapon in Operation Get-Daughter-To-Bed.

Some battles you lose regardless of your weaponry.


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