Seeing is Doing

“[God] saw the misery of Israel in Egypt, and that led to his determination to save them. He saw Moses approach the burning bush, and he saw the blood on the doorposts on the Passover night. Seeing is part of the gracious, saving acts of God . . . Seeing already involves a decision. The decision corresponds to justice.” (Donald Gowan,”Theology in Exodus”)

“Happy are those who observe justice, who do righteousness at all times.” (Psalm 106)

If we would be just, as God is just, then we cannot separate what we’ve seen from what we do. The act of seeing must also be the act of deciding–deciding to intervene, deciding to give, deciding to stop. That terrible tension we experience when we’ve seen something wrong that somebody other than us should fix must be overcome, so that we are the ones who fix, because we are the ones who see.

Of course, pretending we don’t see is a failing all its own.

With God, “Seeing already involves a decision.”

May it be so with us.


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