I Just Need Someone To Talk To

Somebody called the church office yesterday just to talk. I didn’t know them, and they had never been to our church. This person found the number for a church somehow and cold called us. To talk.

I kept waiting for the plea for money but it never came. Instead there was a brief story breathlessly told several times over about abuse and rejection from family, about unemployment, about a breakup, and the absolute lack of anyone to talk to. “I just need someone to talk to. I just need someone to talk to. Every day.”

I listened for over 30 minutes. I offered to pray that God would provide someone to talk to every day. We prayed. The conversation was over.

I don’t know where that person was calling from. I don’t know if they will call the church again today (or ever). I don’t know what else the church can do to minister to that person. I don’t know if listening on the phone and then offering a prayer did any good.

So much of ministry is things you don’t know.