The (Former) Moderator’s Colloquium on Ecclesiology Videos Are Up!

Several months ago I was invited to take part in (then) Moderator Neal Presa’s thrid Colloquium on Ecclesiology held at Fuller Theological Seminary. I was asked to respond to a paper presented by Dr. Jennifer Lord of Austin Theological Seminary entitled, “Preaching for Liturgical-Missional Congregations,” and I posted a piece of my response here.

All of the videos from the colloquium are now online, and Dr. Lord’s presentation is below. It’s well worth watching. Scrub ahead to the 32 minute mark for the start of Dr. Lord’s presentation, and then to the 120 minute mark for the thrilling response of my co-panelist (and seminary classmate and Shook Foil Books publisher) Erik Dailey.

For what it’s worth, my response begins at 128:45. Some demonic trickery must have caused the marvelous Chineta Goodjoin’s response to Dr. Lord to beĀ omitted. I’ll see if I can find a copy that has it, ’cause she’s that good.

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