#shareacoke, You Had Me At . . . Steve?

I have without shame gobbled up Coca Cola’s #shareacoke marketing campaign. There was a day when I would heap scorn on such an acquiescence to corporate coercion. I may yet again. But I’m all in on this one. Here’s why.

#shareacoke is a platform for friendship. I am buying these named Coke bottles just so that I can post pictures of them to Facebook and tag all my friends with that name. It’s detrimental to my health, sure. But it’s an easy gesture of friendship that, while hardly earth-shattering, is better than the distance and isolation that reigns over much of modern life. 

If nothing else, the name of the bottle is bringing to mind people I haven’t thought about in ages and wouldn’t otherwise. Encountering their existence anew is worth being perceived as a brand sellout.



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