And The Tap Drips All Night/Water Torture in The Sink (or Sarah Harmer And Growing Up)

I spent a lot of time with this track back in 2000, when I was 24.

It came up on my iPod the other day, and I played the whole album through in a fit of nostalgia.

Richard Rohr thinks people need to “Learn from each stage [of growing up].” But he adds,”and yet you can’t completely throw out previous stages, as most people unfortunately do. In fact, a fully mature person appropriately draws upon all earlier stages.”

I met some of my best friends in my Sarah Harmer stage: my Best Man and the preacher at my ordination, for starters. My one bedroom apartment wasn’t in the basement, but the tap did drip all night, and one of the busted slats on the donated futon I used for a bed had to be propped up from underneath with a coffee mug.

I helped start a weekly meetup (before that’s what they were called) at a pub. I lived for an Emergent church (before that’s what they were called) even as I snobbishly judged it for its sophisticated cultural posture and insisted on a more Old Time Religion. I endured a breakup with my college girlfriend, met someone else, then got back together with the college girlfriend (our 12th wedding anniversary was two weeks ago). I decided to go to seminary, though with a mocking dismissal of the pastorate.

I was insufferable. I was broke. I was miserable. I was deliriously happy.

I’ve spent the last couple of days probing my memories of that stage of life looking for things to draw upon for the challenges and opportunities of this one.

Here’s another piece of the memory elixir.


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