I’m working on persistence. It feels like a game of whack-a-mole.
For two weeks now I have persistently blogged posted a daily blog. I have also spent time with the daily paper. These are both habits I committed to.
During the same stretch my exercise regimen has evaporated, and my diet has tanked.
Is there a limit to the things you can persistently perform? Does committing to something new mean you have to give something else up?
Note: I’ll be on vacation next week and not posting at all. Be well.


2 thoughts on “Persistence

  1. carolynkingshill says:

    Rocky —-
    I have discovered that the only way to take on a new habit, is to keep at it, along with the ones
    you already have, until it becomes like a rote thing, something you do every day along with all the
    other things you do every day. It doesn’t work to keep adding new things to do, if you forget to do
    them half of the time.
    One new thing at a time, until it becomes old and regular each day, THEN perhaps add something

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