Spies Among Us

Our work is only partly for its proper objects.

The teacher works for his students, the pediatrician for her patients, the CEO for her shareholders. These are the proper objects of their work.

Yet we all also work for spies who are watching our habits and our smallest decisions and who can benefit tremendously from our craft.

I thought of his while watching a photographer take a portrait of my daughter. He was so thorough and so fluid in his work that I couldn’t help but want to imitate him in mine. His work was not for me, but it totally was.

Let’s beware of spies and wow them.


5 thoughts on “Spies Among Us

  1. When I was 18, I had a job as a file clerk with a large financial institution in downtown Los Angeles. My desk was positioned such that the very important and distinguished head of the department I worked in had to walk by several times each day, from his corner office on the 7th floor to the CEO’s office several floors up. He was 60ish and had great responsibility, but he walked tall and purposefully, and wore great suits. I remember being a little nervous when he would speak to me, though not in fear, more like reverence. The moment that most sticks out when I recall him, was the time he was walking by my desk and then stopped. He then bent down and picked up a piece of string that was on the carpet and deposited it into my waste basket and continued on his way.

    What I spied that day was not a lesson on keeping house (much to wife’s chagrin), but that the details matter and they matter most to those with the most responsibility, even when it would it seem that the task at hand are below their station.

    Thank you for the reminder Pastor.

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