Monday Morning Quarterback

Note: Monday Morning Quarterback is a recurring post that examines personal and pastoral events of Sunday.

5:10. Alarm. That the clock reads 10 after the hour means the alarm went off once already. I have no memory of that.

5:33. Sit down to start working on adult ed Sunday school lesson. Start by trying to memorize the story.

6:12. Consider using a piece of music to reflect on Jesus’ question, “What are you looking for.” There are good options and bad options.  Never mind. There are no good options.

6:49. Breakfast is a banana parfait, which is fancy pants talk for mashed up banana topped with cornflakes. So, baby food.

7:14. Getting dressed. Ask Wife, “Are you coming to my Sunday School class?” Wife: “Uh, no. I’m sleeping.” Alright. Awesome.

7:37. Making Daughter a smoothie for breakfast. The blender is alive with strawberries!

8:20. Printing signs and Sunday school sign in sheets. Daughter racing to the printer to retrieve papers. Its literally her favorite thing about Sundays.

8:31. Setting up still image Head of Staff wants to display during her sermon. Suggest I could cue up some wolf howl noises as a reprise of my performance a couple of weeks ago when I started playing a video too early. Why isn’t she laughing?

9:08. Start Sunday school class with the prompt: “Think of a time when someone asked you a question that caught you off guard.” Answers include, “Why did you teach those dirty books?” from a former teacher and “Where is home?” asked of a former missionary by her four year-old (bonus: the older sibling’s answer to the four year-old was, “Home is wherever mom isn’t.”).

9:40. Invite Sunday school class to take a moment to silently consider Jesus’ “What are you looking for?” for themselves. The silence is rich.

9:52. I let Sunday school run long, now I’m racing to the sanctuary to turn on announcement slides. Pass the Head of Staff assembled with the communion servers. Cover my face and duck behind them unseen.

10:11. The Prayer of Confession this morning is two junior high girls singing what we’re calling “A contemporary song.” I know my seminary professors would roll their eyes at this, but I’m choking up a bit.

10:20. Children’s time is an art project led by the CE Director. Wait. When I texted her from NEXT that “we should try a Children’s Time that involves kids making some art” I didn’t mean, like, this week!

10:30. Children’s time art project running long. Kids filling baby food jars with fragrant oil and decorating them with stickers. The congregation is totally dialed in though.

10:34. Turn on still image for Head of Staff’s sermon.

10:39. Still image turns to blue screen. Forgot to adjust computer settings. It went to sleep. Seriously. How hard is this?

10:41. Head of Staff working her whole sermon around, “Say something I’m giving up on you.” I’m a little bit in awe.

10:52. Wife has retrieved Daughter and Playmate for communion. They’re in the front pew. Playmate is laying with her head in Daughter’s lap while Daughter strokes her hair.

10:57. Playmate takes two pieces of communion bread!!

11:23. Remark to Wife how precious Daughter and Playmate looked. She corrects me: “They were playing a game: Playmate was a crazy baby and Daughter was her mommy.”

11:46. Meeting to plan kid-friendly Easter vigil. CE Director ordered pizza. I’ll plan a baby-friendly service for pizza.

12:44. Meeting Wife and Daughter at the park. Gleeful to discover student there. On a date. About 200 yards away.

12:45. Text student, “Why weren’t you in church?”

12:45. Text student, “Don’t you hate it when people text you while you’re on a date?”

12:45. Text student, “Like, a lot.”

12:46. Student calls. “You should know this doesn’t happen very often. You should stop now.” Stopping.

1:42. Walking with Wife and Daughter to get pie and coffee. It’s a sunny 77 degree Sunday afternoon and we’re going for pie and coffee; why can’t every day be like this?

2:23. Negotiating junior high youth group snacks by text. High school youth group snack texts going unreturned.

4:44. Two students for junior high youth group. Four adults.

5:18. Students sitting on the curb while I tell the Jesus temptation story from the middle of the street, all so I can point to the mountains behind me at verse 8.

5:48. Game of Things with this youth group can mean only one thing: dead hamster jokes.

7:11. Two students for high school youth group. Five adults.

7:33. Listening to this gem from TAL about The Apology Line.

9:00. Youth group ends with one student storming away irritated at the other student. Awesome. I can’t prevent conflict when there are only two kids.

9:14. Pitching the Intern on the Youth Ministry Coaching Program (see what I did there?).

9:30. Return home to find that Wife has signed all the tax papers and arranged them all with their respective payments paper clipped to color coded envelopes. Decide she gets a pass on skipping my Sunday school class.







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