Books for 2013

I’ve pre-ordered Douglas Rushkoff’s forthcoming book, Present ShockWhen it’s released on March 21st, I’ll be reading and blogging my way through it, like I did with Christianity After Religion.

What forthcoming book, dear reader, are you eager to read? Name it in the comments and I’ll put it on the blog calendar.


2 thoughts on “Books for 2013

  1. I’ve just started to read Anne Lamott’s new book, “HELP, THANKS, WOW” which was No.1 on the non-fiction list in the L.A. Times recently. If one has never read one of her books, it may seem strange, but keep going. It’s worth it. For those who have read her books, it’s another great one!!!! Carolyn

  2. Non religious content but another on the top ten non fiction books is Comets Tale. Great book! If you can squeeze it in read it. Helps understand some of the hardships of being disabled.

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