Put Me In, Coach (Youth Ministry Version)

John Vest has a nice post marking the 10 year anniversary of his full-time youth ministry career. Check back here in February of 2018 to read my 10 year reflections.

Fully aware of all I don’t know, I recently began a journey to become a better minister to the young people God calls me to serve. The Youth Ministry Coaching Program (YMCP) is the brainchild of Mark Oestreicher . Marko (as he’s known in the youth ministry universe) has written a handful of useful youth ministry books, particularly about middle school ministry. Last year I read his book Youth Ministry 3.0 and have blogged about it a few times.  YMCP is a chance to interact with him around some of those ideas and to learn from a cohort of youth ministers.

Our first of six two-day gatherings was last week, and I’m already buzzing with insights from Marko and the cohort. I also had a chance to present some of my questions about A New Culture of Learning. Oh, and I have homework. This is going to be good.

See the promotional video below.

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