I Cooked All My Week’s Meals on Monday

I’m trying not to blow my budget on Chicago restaurants these first few weeks I’m living here. Heading home through the dark and cold, those warm booths and starchy entrees call to me much more loudly than than the empty (yet immeasurably comfortable) apartment waiting for me at the end of the train line. It gently […]

Strategies, Not Practices

Not long ago, I heard a speaker question the reigning popularity in churchy circles of “practices.” For over a decade now, practical and pastoral theologians have been trying to recover for mainline and evangelical Protestants the value of things like fasting and contemplative prayer as vehicles for Christian spirituality. Books, sermons, and retreats have proliferated, […]

Remember That You Are Dust

Today is Ash Wednesday. It’s the beginning of the penitential season of Lent, when the Christian story reminds us of the mortality that brackets our existence. “Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return.” That’s good news. The freedom we have to live, to create, to love, is only possible because it is […]

What If Your Public Work Is Practically Private?

I’m all about doing our work publicly and not hiding it behind some scrim while we “perfect” it before sharing it with anyone. Like what Landon is doing. Every day. But what if your public work is practically private? What if the product you’re making and sharing with the world gets no traction, no engagement? […]

I Made This And It’s Worth Something

My friend Adam launched Illustrated Children’s Ministry in September by selling coloring sheets online for $1 each. Today, barely six months later, he’s got hundreds of orders for sets of coloring posters for use by individuals, families, or churches. It’s a different thing than he had in mind when he started, but if he hadn’t […]

Okay I’ll Learn Something New

I spent many minutes yesterday trying to make my Google-based email and calendaring system work for my new office setup, with zero success. At some point I just decided to work with the new office’s program. Do I have a rosy Outlook about it? No. Did I have much of a choice? No. Is it an […]

Liking The Same Shows Is Only The Beginning

When you first meet someone you’re going to be working with you look for common ground–shared interests that form a template for how you’re going to get along in those first days and weeks. It’s an important little dance of discovery. When you and your new colleagues watch the same shows or root for the same team it […]

First Days

The first day is like the 9th day is like the 43rd day is like the 762nd day in one sense, as the places and the some of the people are the same. Of course, it’s you every day, so . . . But in another sense the first day presents opportunities and liabilities both […]