If You Don’t Have Anything Nice To Say . . .

Maybe that scoldy little sentence we all learned as children can serve us as adults, albeit in a different way. As children, not saying anything at all when we didn’t have anything nice to say was for the benefit of our peers; Kevin and Rhonda don’t need to hear your opinion of them unless it’s complimentary. That will hurt their feelings. But Kevin and Rhonda are grown ups now–indulging your negativity about them is hurting you as much as you mean it to damage them. 

There’s no prize for the best take down. Not in real life. Forget personal attacks: even summing up the bad news of the day with clarity isn’t as useful as it feels. There is so much to feel negative about, I know. But does talking about it all the time really help?

Maybe today I’ll keep my negative opinions to myself, just to see what happens.