I Always Write The Title Last

First, make the thing. Then decide what to call it. If you start with the title first, how will you avoid making design choices to fulfill the expectations of some random name?

We designed a youth retreat some years ago and started with the title, “No Question.” The name came from some insight early in the planning process, but the further we got in putting the event together, the less any of us remembered about that insight, and yet still we designed–talks, small groups, exercises–toward “No Question.”

What you call something matters. What that thing actually is, though, matters more.

If a name is required at the beginning, say if you’re launching a website or a new worship service, it’s probably helpful to make a prototype first–compose your first blog post; assemble your first liturgy–and then ask, “What does this thing want to be called?”

All this to say I always title my blog posts after I’ve written them.

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