Sometimes It Works

Last month I wrote about how my church was fixing children’s time. We moved it into the Gathering movement of the liturgy, incorporated more movement, and started inviting congregants to join in the movement.

Today’s post is to share that it’s working.

Here’s how I know: my colleague does this great thing at session meetings where she invites elders to share where and how they have experienced The Spirit at work in our life together, and last night one of them said it was during the children’s times in worship.

I know, right?

The evidence that it’s working is that they’re making him feel more connected to the community of children in the church. That’s a work of The Spirit more than it is a work of organization or crowd control. It’s totally working.

Church leaders face many intractable problems that seem impervious to our most innovative efforts. Yet sometimes it works. The listening, talking, giving up, risking, experimenting–sometimes it all works.

Thanks be to God.

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